Sunday, May 4, 2008

When Your Team Is Down and Out, It Is Time to Jump and Shout

One thing among many that I love about the library--it is full of surprises! Isaiah chooses DVDs from the library and is allowed to watch them upon waking on Saturday and Sunday mornings. When he picked out the Bella Dancerella cheerleading workout, I almost said no, and then thought, "Hey, jumping, stretching, why not?"

Well, it's taken hold here and this morning found me up from my desk, Steve roused from bed, all of us trying out the starburst jump, the arm roll, and reminding each other to "Make your good better and your better best!"

Yes, those balls of roving wool are our makeshift pompoms until we buy our Bella mats and pompoms and skirts and sweaters. . . not.

And thank you, dear readers, for your supportive comments, emails and phone calls about our soon-to-be uprooted status. I feel the connections and really feel that on this earth ship we are all in it together.

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village mama said...

hilarious/ambitious dvd choice, love it!