Friday, March 14, 2008

rational beings???

I've heard them called "little savages." I always thought that was a harsh misnomer, a generalization right along with "terrible two's." But some days in our family and in those families we're close to, the description equals 3-year-old.

Isaiah's best buddy TQ is a gem...curious, articulate, precocious. A good guy. I just want to clear that up right from the beginning. The story his mama told me about him must be repeated and written at least here in case she forgets to write it down herself.

TQ, potty-learned for over a year now, has been peeing all over the house when mama is away and papa is in another room. He leaves these puddles for papa to find. Gleefully it seems. This has taken place on 4 occasions in the past few weeks. The last time he did it, while papa was cleaning up the mess in the living room, TQ went into the bathroom, plugged the sink and turned on the faucet, letting the water run until it flowed over the sink onto the floor. Papa came in from drying the living room to water on the bathroom floor.

Later, after mama was home and sweet 3-and-a-half year old TQ was in the bath, he was telling her about his misadventures.

"How do you think Daddy felt when you did that?" she asked.
"Angry!" he replied with a wide smile.
"And how did you feel?"
"Well, I hope this isn't going to happen again."
Big smile, "Oh, it will!"
"Really, were do you think you are going to do it next time?"
Bigger smile, "all over the bathroom floor!"

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Claire said...

Oh no!!! See, every tot has his own misbehaviors...:-)