Wednesday, March 26, 2008

making quality time

This is the month we've been gearing up for. I'm teaching 4 nights a week (teaching Asian Bodywork at the Arcata School of Massage and teaching my own form of bodywork for the first time--blissbody therapy is the working title), editing, still trying to keep up forming LUNA Kids (our cooperative preschool) and basically being a full-time mom with Steve and I picking up the pieces late each night.

The good news--I came home to fennel, jerusalem artichoke and potato gratin; chard, raisin and pine nuts; and freshbaked shortbread! Gotta leave them to their own devices more often...go Steve! takes its toll on the children, all this crunched time and chaos. All of a sudden Isaiah can't put on his light-up sneakers by himself. I asked him today why, after all this time, he suddenly has difficulty putting them on. "Because I want to be your baby."

And I'll take every baby minute I can get.


valentinamama said...

I am so proud of you cuties. And Papa Steve, aw, your so awesome! What creativity stirs in your kitchen. Sending you lots of LOVE and blissbody vibrations. SWAK SWAK

village mama said...

what a hardworking family you are; I'm so excited to get to know you more!

Baby girl wants to play, gotta go.