Monday, February 18, 2008


I just finished my first sewing project ever (unless you count that seal costume a few years back) and I can feel that creeping so many addictions, maybe the first time is the best. The rush of possibility that makes it so hard to focus because I just want to get going on the next project. Oh, the possibilities!

The exciting thing about this one is that it is actually really cute. That's reassuring for me since I'm so seduced by the beauty of materials--yarn, wood, shells, paint--and the process of the work itself, that I can be careless about the final product. Mama Rachel brought over beautiful wool felt that she had already cut and she invited Isaiah to choose where to place the eye buttons and vest decorations. Then I started stitching while he cut the thread for me. I was skeptical of my own abilities and didn't know I'd get through stitching around the whole thing, but here it is in front of me and I'm proud of my sweet little white bear with a pink vest and green tummy.

And my elation attracted a gifted sewing machine. Just like that! Now we'll see about this dreaded "threading the bobbin."

And about getting Miel's done, too. She loved the half-finished doll so much, she rocked it under her neck with it's skinny legs still split open. I don't want to give Isaiah his until hers is ready.

I hope winter lasts long enough to satisfy my craft fever!

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