Monday, February 11, 2008

blueberry smiles

We're entering the "between times." Apples and pears have been in storage for a while now. They are alright, but lack the crisp brightness of the fruit fresh off the tree. We were drenched in navel oranges, satsumas, and meyer lemons, but now there's a better chance one from the batch will be a little dry, taste a little funny. Kiwis are still good. Bananas are a constant love, but this mama doesn't like to depend on a fruit from so far away. Strawberries and cherries are still a long way off, so we've come to explore the world of frozen fruit. These kids love their blueberries straight out of the freezer, in bright purple smoothies, in their water, their crepes, their pancakes. Isaiah, maybe reaping some of his mom's Chinese medicine teachings, insists on having his smoothies "warmed a little."

a scoop of frozen blueberries
some frozen banana
some liquid...milk, juice, rice milk, water

Isaiah presses the blender button and off we go...purple fun!

As soon as they finish, they're off to look at their faces in the mirror and play with warm soapy water in the bathroom sink.

The freezer, the, we're not at OZ Farm anymore.

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