Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day! One of the joys of motherhood is that you always have someone who will share your breakfast in bed with you...sweet moments. We were happy to send off our long-distance felted bouquets to grandmas this week...small tokens of our love.

I also want to do some bragging about my super-skilled husband who spent 2 years working with the owner of this big off-the-grid timber frame/strawbale house. Steve and Paul chiseled each mortise and tenon, planed each piece of wood, build the frame and helped it go up on crane day. And now a family lives in it, making it cozy and turning it into their sweet hilltop home.

If you want a chuckle, please enjoy this mom's day song.


oliveme said...

OOOOhh, felted bouquets are so pretty.

Your breakfast looks a little dainty, mama! Kids sharing it are in heaven, I'm sure. ;o)

The house is gorgeous. What a skilled builder that Steve is! Thanks for sending pictures.

Have a lovely Monday.

village mama said...

what a sweet crew you've got. XO