Thursday, April 17, 2008

jet set

ahhh...let's just take a few moments to appreciate the glamour of air travel with young children. Changes of clothes for everyone? Check. Daughter picking out goldfish to eat that is stuck between airplane seats? Check. Proud potty power boy using the facilities 4 times on a 4-hour flight, just as our aisle-seatmate is dozing off? Check. All in all, this one was a very easy flight for us frequent fliers.

And the props totally go to beeswax modeling sticks. $1/each at our local environmentally-friendly store Solutions...and they each get us at least a half hour of play. Which on the plane equals about 2 1/2 elephant years. The temptation to give in to airport branded toys/fastfood/dvd world is strong, but yum, the smell of beeswax on an airplane.

We got a perfect view straight into the Grand Canyon...Isaiah's first glimpse when he could actually appreciate it. And the Mississippi River.

Oh yeah...hour plus naps for both children at the same time.

Like I said, an easy flight.


Clairie Bearie said...

Yay! I'm glad you put up some pictures and that the flight went well. You are a great mom :-)

Candace said...

so envious. I know what you mean about the elephant years. too funny. my two hour trip home can feel endless with a very active boy who I don't buy a seat for.....