Sunday, April 6, 2008

daily wardrobe

Miel, Miele, Meli, meli-moo, moo-moo, jalapeno jelly, rascally, sweetie-girl, honeydrop, faygala, bugaboo-boo, wonderlove, screamer (sung to the tune of Supertramp's "Dreamer"...just a few of our favorite endearments. And let us not forget the most often used...SqueakerBee for our little squeaker.

These days, this jacket and these boots are her daily wear, hands in pockets indoors and out.

Exploding with sentences among the family, glaring at others under her eyebrows until she warms up to her true silliness. Must have "my bear" and "my hat" with her at all times.

Loving the first day of baseball season almost as much as her ball-crazy brother.

1 comment:

Clairie Bearie said...

I love the "hands-in-pockets" things she does. It's like she's a mini grown-up...