Sunday, March 9, 2008

swap anyone?

We are excited about joining the little people's family swap. We'll get paired up with another family, get to make a fun activity-filled package for them, and we'll receive one for ourselves in the mail. How fun is that?

It sounds like there's still room if you want to check it out here.

We are working like mad to get our cooperative preschool off the ground. The city has "donated" a 300 square foot building to us, which means we get free rent for 5 years for renovating the building. The building permits are imminent, so we just need about $20,000 in the next 8 weeks. We had fun at a rummage sale this morning, where I know I contributed more than my aprons, backpacks, a sleeping bag AND all the supplies I need (wool cutouts and yarn) for knitting cozy baby booties.

More about our school--LUNA--to come.


valentinamama said...

So glad to hear the rummage sale was a success. I was laid up in bed all day fighting off some kind of booby infection. However, you popped into my head with some great news of the things being sold at the sale, you were very happy indeed. Missed you cuties. Does Luna have a blog to keep us updated on its happennings? Hee hee

Candace said...

I wish the JCC would borrow some co-op ideas. I'm going to mention it to them. I'd love to get in there on a regular basis. It seems like they struggle with getting teachers and I'm so ready to get in there and help. I'm not so sure the other parents feel the same though.
I have just a little time left before Hannah goes to big girl school and I don't think they'll be too keen on me sitting in the back of the class making suggestions!