Tuesday, March 4, 2008

get out and stay out!

A report from the wild side...gone fishin', mud slinging, kale picking. Finally we stopped at our beloved CSA, Redwood Roots Farm and got to eat our brussels sprouts morsels off the stalk, pick collards to later stuff with "squealers" (the butcher's personal blend of elk, buffalo, pork and beef), rice and olives, and munch on all the kale we could eat.

No, a pastoral farm isn't wilderness, but it is a place where the children can run wild. The only rule, run between the rows, not on them. And be gentle with the plants that give us so much food. It was the first time we've been to a farm since moving and we were all so relieved by the smell of food growing in the soil. Isaiah says to me every other day, "Mama, I miss the goats." Me, too, buddy. We get to see goats around here, and cows and horses and chickens and ducks, but the experience of living with them and caring for them and receiving our daily milk from them is something we hope to create soon for ourselves again.

We're enjoying this beautiful spring weather in our little town yard. We planted our snap peas together and got some arugula and bitter salad mix in the ground. The daffodils are springing up and the trees in our neighborhood are bursting with pink blossoms. We find the wild in the pile of red worms in the compost pile and the big bay tree that looms over the footbridge down the street.

And yes, Isaiah has been really sweet as he's been exhausting himself in the agenda-free outdoors.

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