Saturday, March 22, 2008

Celebrate everything!

Clearly, the insanity continues. Though I think I'll adopt craftsanity as a more enabling mantra, inspired as I am by the craftsanity podcasts (yes, that's right, I'm listening to podcasts, pulled into the 21st century after all).

Note the lambswool bunnies--my first sewing machine project!--ready for equinox weekend and Easter Sunday. The egg tree came out of nowhere, I swear. Claire came over yesterday with all the fixins for coloring eggs and I was left today with the gorgeous hardboiled ones we did with the children and the delicate blown-out ones Claire and I played with late night (minus the exploded by bicycle pump egg that was a failed engineering experiment). At 10:30 this evening I went into the yard for a branch and voila, a tree to wake up to.

As I was putting together the photo albums in the children's baskets, I came across fall equinox pictures from the Garcia River at Oz. Here we are, half a wheel later, emerging into the bright, outdoor time. Children growing so quickly, trying to still let them be nature beings.

This is the first time I've ever put together Easter baskets. We celebrated the equinox all week (especially with a fabulous tiedye party, thanks K!), lit the shabbot candles, I went to a goddess dance gathering this evening and came home and put together the baskets and tree as a surprise for the morning. I know you could peg me for a spiritual dilettante, but I beg to differ. It is intriguing to me that the best of each religion shares at its root a call to celebrate nature, respect one another and hold ourselves to the highest moral standards. I will always be drawn to Judaism because it is the tradition and nourishment of my ancestors, but I embrace the thread that connects the points on the spiritual compass and love to find the heart in all traditions.

That is why you will find me celebrating everything. The daily rituals of arising, naptime, dinner; the weekly rhythms and the wheel of the year mark our days and ultimately our lives. We might as well take note, eat well and find plenty of reasons to dance! And tomorrow, we'll hunt.

I guess egg salad would be a little too obvious for today's food idea. But the frittata I whipped up with the blown-out insides and leftover shrimp and asparagus was definitely tasty. I added 3 extra beaten egg whites to the rest of the eggs to make it so light, as much a souffle as a frittata, perfect for the lightness of spring.

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Momo Fali said...

Your FIRST sewing machine project? Wow! I'm impressed. You're off to a good start, that's for sure!